Anekke Backpack, Aviator Backpack by Anekke

  • $69.99

Anekke Designer Backpack

Anekke stylish pear-shaped backpack to carry over your shoulder, an elegant and comfortable backpack design, perfect for any moment.

This handsome backpack combines brown and green tones and is decorated with patches and embroidery from the Anekke Aviator collection. The Backpack has two exterior pockets, with zips on the front and back.

The first pocket has a brooch fastening that gives this backpack its pear shape. There is a zip to get into the main compartment of the backpack. Inside the backpack is decorated with the print design from the Anekke Aviator collection, there are also two additional pockets. This Backpack has lots of room in the main compartment to hold all you need.

A different design to what you are used to. Elegance and originality go hand in hand in this new model of backpack.


- Composition: Faux leather

- Interior: Fabric with additional pockets

- Color: Brown and green

- Size: 28x15x45 cm

- EAN Code: 843379989739

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