Crossbody Anekke Handbag Saddlebag Style

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Crossbody Anekke Handbag Saddlebag StyleSize: 25.5 x 2.5x19 cm

Materials: 80% PU / 20% Polyester

Handles: Crossbody strap

Anekke wants you to come with her to discover the world, because it is too big not to go exploring every day! And of course, you just have to take a lovely brown saddle bag handbag like this one with you on each adventure. You will be inseparable! This handbags lovely design combines two different compartments. The front of the handbag is embroidered sack cloth fabric, with a flap that has a picture from the collection printed on it. Inside there is a zip and a pretty design printed on the lining. The back of the handbag is plain brown, with a pocket that has embossed details and another main compartment with a zip opening. This handbag is a great size to always take with you and put whatever you need in. This purse also has a crossbody strap to carry it over your shoulder or across your body, at the length you want. There are details all over the handbag, with appliqué and a decorative keyring. You will always be ready to discover the world with Anekke!

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